Animal Studies

ani trialFor all the animal trials you need to do for taking your product ahead, here are the whereabouts of institutes/organizations that can help you do the same.

  • National Toxicology Centre
    • Sale of Lab Animals
    • Eco-Toxicity tests in Chicken, Pigeon, Fish, Earth Warm, Soil, honey bees and plants
  • INTOX Pvt. Ltd.
    • Biocompatibility Studies for Medical Devices (Experimental systems include Rat, Mouse, Guinea pig, Rabbit, Farm Animals)
    • General, Special, Reproductive, Genetic and Environmental toxicity assessment can be done
  • PRADO Pvt. Ltd.
    • Preclinical studies – Acute Toxicity Studies , Repeat Dose Studies, Genotoxicity Studies, Chronic toxicity, Reproduction studies as per ICH Guidelines
  • Ross Life Science
    • It undertakes toxicological assessment of pesticides and Pre-clinical toxicity studies for potential drugs and nutraceuticals.
    • Animal House facility has Rats (Wistar rats, Sprague dawley), Mice (Swiss albino, C-57 BL-6, BalB/ C), Rabbit (New-zealand white).
    • Guinea pigs, Quail, Chicken and Pigeon are outscourced.

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