NGOs / Social Organizations working in the Biological Space

NGOAre you a social entrepreneur working to fight against cancer/ AIDS/ Schizoprenia/ Haemophilia, etc ? This list of NGOs and self help groups might come handy for you to network with them.

  • Animal Angels FoundationIndia’s only registered NGO working in the field of Human-Animal Interaction that facilitates human wellness via their interaction with animals.
  • Care Beyond Cure – Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre, a holistic wellness approach to cancer survivors after their treatment.
  • Deep Griha Society Independent charitable organisation working to better the lives of people living in the slums of Pune through a range of family welfare programmes encompassing education, health, awareness building and self-help projects
  • Hemophilia Society of Maharashtra  – Identifies and enlightens the undiagonised hemophilia patients about the correct treatment for the disease and make available the required medicine at an affordable price.
  • Just being centerJust Being envisions people, relationships, education, businesses and all aspects of human life to be deeply rooted in being through integrated psycho-spiritual practices and centers of learning & research.
  • KEM Hospital – NGO based hospital in Pune.
  • Mahila Sarvangeen Vikas Utkarsh Mandal (MASUM) – Have several programs and campaigns for women’s rights to economic empowerment, political participation, life free of violence and discrimination, etc.
  • Manavya – Provides residential care and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS affected destitute-orphaned children and women.
  • Prashanti Cancer Care MissionPrashanti not only financially helps patients through cancer treatment but also helps answer questions and supports them through the bewildering labyrinth of cancer.
  • Schizophrenia Awareness AssociationIts a platform where the Shubharthis (person with mental/nervous disorder seeking well-being) meet the Shubhankars (caregivers). SAA strives to care that makes a difference in mental health restoration.
  • Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives (SATHI) – Works on community health worker training, fostering grassroots health rights actions through partnerships with civil society organisations and facilitating local, district, state and national level advocacy on health issues combined with action oriented research and publication.